Goluji Food Franchisee 

Food is the fastest growing and rescission free business and lots of entrepreneurs are entering into the franchise business. All the known food & beverage firms are entering into franchises business module & Goluji Food is one of them.

They are the oldest catering services provider and known for delicious food in Delhi/NCR. Only a few know that Goluji Foods has its own Chaat Outlet in Delhi/NCR, where they are serving delicious foods.

Now Goluji foods are entering into franchises business and offering franchises outlet across India. It is the fastest growing business with nominal investment.

If you have a suitable space, rented or own in a good area and can invest few lakhs. You may call us to become part of Goluji foods.

For franchisee related inquiry, you can call us at 09650 590 590  or 05946 222223. You can mail us on sales (@)