Outdoor Catering Delhi

Goluji India Private Limited is the oldest Outdoor catering services provider in Delhi/NCR. We are providing catering services since 1990.

Goluji is serving Outdoor Catering, Birthday Parties, Corporate Catering, Chaat Counters, theme-based catering, Marriage catering, continental foods catering etc.

We have a dedicated team to manage large events as well as small parties. We have the different type of catering menus so that the customer will select it according to the event.

With a mixed team of “Ustaad Ji” & professionals, they are perfect in his job but we always prefer “Ustaad Ji” because they make foods traditionally on low flame with “Khada Masala” (Raw Spices). The taste & smell of that foods is ultimate.

As nourishment is a vital and fundamental part of any festival, Scaled down India has sharpened the capacity of satisfying each sense of taste into a compelling artwork.

Our focal kitchen is very much prepared and we offer the greatest cluster of cooking styles that reaches from Punjabi, Indian, Mainland, Chinese, Gujarati, Marwari, South Indian, Bengali, Sindhi, Jain, Japanese, Thai, Mexican or some other taste that gets your favor… simply name it and we will serve it up with joy and panache.

Smaller than normal India’s Open-air Cooking administrations offers world-class nourishment and friendliness at a setting and area of your decision and accommodation.

Regardless of the occasion or the event, our mastery in the particular space of open air providing food makes it genuinely huge for everybody concerned and fills you with a feeling of pride and achievement.

Be it weddings, gatherings, parties, social/private occasions, corporate/religious festivals, meetings or symposiums, Scaled down Goluji Foods offers the correct mix of expert cordiality and culinary joys that leaves the visitors and participants raving for time to come. We convey the exact mix of the mainstream yet one of a kind, the advanced yet innovative set of administrations, settling on Smaller than expected Goluji the perfect decision with regards to open air providing food.

What’s to come is greater, more grounded and further for Smaller than expected India

Having set up a pride of place in Delhi and whatever remains of Delhi/NCR, Goluji Foods is good to go to unite its nearness in Gurugram/Gurgaon and NOIDA by embracing a system of maintained development and deliberate development.

Additionally considering the appeal of the Sonipat and Ghaziabad advertise, Smaller than usual Goluji will be growing its scope in these locales to gain by the copious open doors it has in store and in this manner secure a firm and long-haul nearness in these areas.

  • Highlights of Smaller than normal Goluji Food’s Open-air Providing food Administrations:
  • Unparalleled foundation for sustenance and coordination
  • A most noteworthy assortment of Indian and Global cooking styles
  • Proficient staff, extraordinary administration, and separated offerings
  • Broadened variety of signature and provincial joys
  • The coordinated and concentrated suite of subordinate administrations for each event

Call us to benefit exceptional offers on:

  • Wedding Parties
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • Subject Gatherings
  • Meetings, Traditions, Symposiums and Pieces
  • Religious Social affairs or Events
  • Child Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Commemoration Parties
  • Private, Social and Corporate Occasions
  • Summit Gatherings

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